Environmental Health Science, PhD

The PhD in Environmental Health Science requires a minimum of 55 semester hours and prepares students for senior-level positions in professions related to environmental health science in its broadest sense. The program trains students to become leaders in biological research relevant to environmental issues that directly and/or indirectly affect human health, and the program trains students to convey information effectively to the public. Students acquire an understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of environmental health issues from ecosystem to molecular levels. Students learn relevant research skills and conduct research under the guidance of one or more faculty members in the department.

Application and Admission

In addition to the application materials required by The Graduate School, applicants must submit a Curriculum Vitae and a personal statement that includes educational background, professional activities, research interests, career goals, reasons for choosing the program, and UNCG faculty whose research is of interest.

Degree Requirements

The departmental Graduate Studies Committee determines the number of non-dissertation credit hours required based on a student’s prior course work. No more than 25% of total hours (exclusive of dissertation hours) may be at the 500 level.

Required Core Courses (17 hours)

BIO 600Introduction to Graduate Studies


BIO 607Seminar in Environmental Health Science


BIO 631Environmental Health Science I: Ecosystems to Individuals


BIO 632Environmental Health Science II: Individuals to Molecules


BIO 634Current Research in Environmental Health Science


BIO 649Research Lab Rotations


STA 661Advanced Statistics in the Behavioral and Biological Sciences I


Electives (Minimum of 9 hours)

Students, with the approval of the departmental Graduate Studies Committee, research advisor, and/or Dissertation Committee, will select additional courses that pertain to their area of research to fulfil their degree requirements. A minimum of 9 hours of biology courses at the 500-700 level must be earned and a maximum of 6 credit hours can be at the 500 level.

Research and Dissertation (Minimum of 29 hours)

BIO 790Directed Study in Environmental Health Science


BIO 791Independent Doctoral Research


BIO 799Dissertation


Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination consists of a written research proposal that must be orally defended in a public seminar and before a student’s dissertation committee. Successful completion and defense of the proposal allows the student to achieve candidate status, and thus, register for BIO 791 Independent Doctoral Research and BIO 799 Dissertation.

Dissertation Defense

Students must present a seminar that is open to the public and satisfactorily defend their completed dissertation research to her/his dissertation committee.


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