Kinesiology, Department of

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Graduate Programs


  • Master of Education (MEd) in Kinesiology, currently not accepting applications
  • Master of Science (MS) in Kinesiology, Applied Neuromechanics, Exercise Physiology, Motor Behavior, Pedagogical Kinesiology, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Community Youth Sport Development, and Sports Medicine optional concentrations, 30-36 hours
  • Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT), 48 hours
  • Doctor of Education (EdD) in Kinesiology, 60 hours
  • Master of Science/ Doctor of Philosophy (MS/PhD) in Kinesiology, 78 hours
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Kinesiology, Applied Neuromechanics, Exercise Physiology, Pedagogical Kinesiology, and Sport and Exercise Psychology optional concentrations, 60 hours


Graduate Faculty



Ang Chen, PhD, Children/adolescent motivation, learning, and physical activity behavior change.

Catherine D. Ennis, PhD, Curriculum theory and development in physical education/activity with specific application to urban school settings.

Jennifer L. Etnier, PhD, Mental health benefits of physical activity, exercise and cognitive performance (Director of Graduate Study).

Diane L. Gill, PhD, Sport and exercise psychology, social psychological aspects of physical activity and well-being across the lifespan.

Allan H. Goldfarb, PhD, Exercise physiology, hormonal/oxidative stress, muscle damage, glycogen metabolism.

Thomas J. Martinek, EdD, Psycho-social dynamics of teaching and coaching, teacher education, research design and statistics.

David H. Perrin, PhD, Athletic training/sports medicine, ACL injury risk factors.

Sandra J. Shultz, PhD, Athletic training/sports medicine, ACL injury risk factors, hormones and joint laxity, neuromuscular control of knee stability (Department Chair).

Joseph W. Starnes, PhD, Cardiac function and metabolism, exercise-induced cardioprotection, statins, aging.

Kathleen Williams, PhD, Coordination and control of movement in aging adults, evaluation and validation of movement sequences.

Associate Professors

Paul G. Davis, PhD, Exercise and metabolic health, lipoproteins and other cardiovascular disease risk factors, obesity.

Katherine M. Jamieson, PhD, Social inequalities. Queer, transnational,post colonial bodies in sport, exercise, and physical education/health settings.

William B. Karper, EdD, Exercise effects on ill/disabled children and adults, older adults and chronic pain conditions.

Scott E. Ross, PhD, ATC, Athletic Training/Sports Medicine, research interests include balance assessment and rehabilitation, ankle instability, stochastic resonance stimulation.

Randy J. Schmitz, PhD, Athletic training/sports medicine, muscle training, performance, and fatigue, therapeutic modalities in orthopedic rehabilitation.

Laurie Wideman, PhD, Exercise endocrinology, focused on the hormonal, cytokine and adipokine responses to acute and chronic exercise.

Assistant Professors

Christopher K. Rhea, PhD, Nonlinear dynamics of gait and posture, virtual reality applications for locomotor rehabilitation.

Academic Professional Professor

    Pamela Kocher Brown, EdD, Pedagogy, sociohistorical perspectives, activities program.

Academic Professional Associate Professors

John A. Richards, EdD, Activity instruction program.

Aaron B. Terranova, EdD, Athletic training/sports medicine, job satisfaction, intention to leave, clinical education.

Academic Professional Assistant Professor

Donna Duffy, PhD, Pedagogy.

Adjunct Associate Professors

Walter R. Bixby, PhD, Sport and exercise psychology.

Eric E. Hall, PhD, Sport and exercise psychology.

Bradley C. Nindl, PhD, Exercise physiology.

Lavon Williams, PhD, Sport and exercise psychology.

Adjunct Assistant Professors

John C. Lalonde, MD, Athletic Training Education Program.

Stephen D. Lucey, MD, Sports medicine, Athletic Training Education Program.

H. Nolo Martinez, EdD, Community Youth Sport Development.

Adjunct Instructor

Erica P. Thornton, MS, ATC, LAT, Athletic Training Education Program.



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