Mathematics and Statistics, Department of

116 Petty Building • (336) 334-5836 •

Graduate Programs


  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Statistics, 12 hours
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Mathematics, or Applied Statistics concentration, 30-33 hours
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computational Mathematics, 60 hours minimum
  • Doctoral Minor in Statistics, 18 hours


Graduate Faculty



Paul F. Duvall, Jr., PhD, Geometric topology, combinatorics, dynamics.

Sat N. Gupta, PhD, Sampling designs, time series forecasting, biostatistics (Associate Head).

Ratnasingham Shivaji, PhD, Partial differential equations (Head of the Department)

Jerry E. Vaughan, PhD, General topology and set theory.

Associate Professors

Gregory Bell, PhD, Geometric group theory, geometric topology, asymptotic invariants of groups (Director of Graduate Study).

Maya Chhetri, PhD, Nonlinear elliptic PDE’s, nonlinear functional analysis, applied mathematics.

Igor Erovenko, PhD, Combinatorial properties of linear groups, bounded generation of S-arithmetic groups (Director of Undergraduate Study).

Richard H. Fabiano, PhD, Analysis, applied mathematics, differential equations, and control theory.

Sebastian Pauli, PhD, Computational number theory, algebraic number theory, computer algebra.

Scott J. Richter, PhD, Nonparametric methods, equivalence testing, statistical consulting.

Jan Rychtar, PhD , Functional analysis, game theory.

Carol Seaman, PhD, Undergraduate mathematics education.

Brett A. Tangedal, PhD, Number theory.

Filip Saidak, PhD, Analytic and probablistic number theory, mathematical biology.

Assistant Professors

Roland Deutsch, PhD, Environmetrics, computational statistics, multivariate statistics and nonparametric statistics.

Talia Fernos, PhD. Group Theory.

Dohyoung Ryang, PhD, Mathematics education, efficacy beliefs, learning community, lesson study, geometric group theory.

Clifford Smyth, PhD, Combinatorics.

Dan Yasaki, PhD, Computational number theory, modular forms.



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