Archaeology Program

College of Arts & Sciences

1104 Moore Humanities and Research Administration



Committee Members

Jeffrey S. Soles, Chair, Archaeology Program, Department of Classical Studies

A. Asa Eger, Department of History

Maura K. Heyn, Department of Classical Studies

Joseph B. Mountjoy, Department of Anthropology, Emeritus

Joanne M. Murphy, Department of Classical Studies

Donna Nash, Department of Anthropology

Jeffrey C. Patton, Department of Geography

P. Daniel Royall, Department of Geography

Roy Stine, Department of Geography

Linda Stine, Department of Anthropology


The Archaeology concentration at UNCG, which is housed in the Special Programs in Liberal Studies major, introduces students to the ancient civilizations and cultures of the Old and New Worlds and to the analytical tools that archaeologists use to facilitate their study. The concentration is designed to develop both anthropological and historical perspectives in archaeological research, to encompass the range of prehistoric to early historic cultures in the Old and New Worlds, and to introduce the theoretical concepts and methodological techniques appropriate to archaeological research.

The program faculty are actively involved in field work in Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, and North Carolina. Students are expected to participate in those or other field work projects in addition to meeting classroom requirements.  


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