Undergraduate Studies

132 McIver Building



Steven H. Roberson, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

John R. Sopper, Executive Director of Undergraduate Studies

Gabriel O. Bermea, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies



Created in 2009, Undergraduate Studies works collaboratively and interdependently, both internally and externally, to foster a learner-centered experience for student success by

  • committing to an inclusive, responsible, and transparent learning environment of high creative energy, impactful academic support and great personal expectations, with unwavering mutual respect for all to develop into life-long learners;

  • offering complementary colleague development and support to sustain high impact undergraduate pedagogy and developmental advising, implement innovative technological practices, and explore meaningful intersections between scholarship and interdisciplinary learning;

  • combining efforts with UNCG faculty and staff to provide rich, holistic, and transformational learning experiences emphasizing collaborative inquiry, integrative thinking, and competent communication for the 21st century learner; and

  • pledging to function organically, constantly seeking and manifesting realignments and new approaches in order to most ably respond to evolving responsibilities, opportunities, and necessities.


As a flagship division, Undergraduate Studies will become a national and international innovator in vitalizing the academic experience for all undergraduates. Undergraduate Studies will take the lead to address the holistic academic needs of the twenty-first century learner through a collaborative approach. Undergraduate Studies will use data to inform divisional content, articulate collaborative strategic initiatives, and implement choice tactical approaches that complement and integrate academic and non-academic units in the interest of learner success. To assure currency with best practices and emerging opportunities for excellence, Undergraduate Studies will employ imagination and creativity in a tireless quest for discovery and innovation. As a learning and learner-centered organization, everyone in Undergraduate Studies is encouraged and expected to dream big, seek and propose new ways and means, continuously evaluate, and work across borders of every sort, and—above all—to seek direct relationships with students. Undergraduate Studies will do all of this, and more, with maximum zeal and optimum efficiency, constantly seeking ways to refocus resources of time, talent, and treasure to foster a learner-centered experience for undergraduate success.



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