Grogan College

Office: 113 Grogan Hall



Grogan College Courses (GRC)


Faculty Fellows

Meg Horton, Senior Faculty Fellow, Department of Biology

Ariane Cox, Associate Faculty Fellow, Department of Sociology


Jacqueline Debrew, School of Nursing

Denise Gabriel, Department of Theatre

Curtis Green, Department of Biology

Carl Lashley, Department of Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations

Amanda Pelon, Bryan School of Business and Economics

Caitlin Spencer, Department of Dance

Deb Stanford, School of Nursing

Aaron Terranova, Department of Kinesiology


Mission Statement

Grogan Residential College seeks to produce the future leaders, engaged scholars, contributing professionals, and active citizens of UNCG and beyond. This is achieved by introducing first-year students to the resources, habits, and attitudes that support personal and academic success.

Grogan Residential College is designed to support first-year students as they transition into college life by helping them to connect with their peers and faculty and to develop the essential academic, personal, and professional skills necessary for success in college and beyond. It is comprised of Learning Communities, each of which focuses on a specific career type, major, or interest area. Students in each Learning Community take several classes together and are mentored by a faculty member and an upper-class peer mentor who help the students to navigate college life, develop foundational academic and leadership skills, explore a chosen profession and/or major, and provide general assistance and encouragement.


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