Department of Biology

College of Arts & Sciences

312 Eberhart Building




Stanley H. Faeth, Professor and Head of Department

Professors Cannon, Henrich, Hershey, Kalcounis-Rueppell, Kirchoff, Lacey, Leise, Lepri, Rublee, Rueppell, Stavn

Associate Professors Adamson, Hens, Katula, LaJeunesse, Patel, Remington, Schug, Steimle, Tomkiel

Assistant Professors Jia, Tsui, Wasserberg

Lecturers Bundy, Craven, Green, Horton, Ingraham, Lamb, Loreth, Maxwell, Powell, Rushforth, Sealy, Somers,Tomlin


Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Professors Johnston, McIntosh, Pratap 

Adjunct Clinical Professor Lipford

Adjunct Associate Professor Blake

Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Hopkins

Adjunct Assistant Professor Homyoak


The Department of Biology has a strong commitment to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Recipients of undergraduate biology degrees find employment in a wide range of fields and are well-prepared for further study in graduate school and in health-related professions such as medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. Writing- and speaking-intensive courses and laboratory classes help develop communication and research skills.

The department’s tradition of excellence in education is complemented by a faculty actively engaged in research in areas ranging from molecular biology and biochemistry to ecology and evolution. Students are encouraged to gain research experience through independent study with a faculty mentor.


Transfer Credit

Credit for courses above the 100 level is transferred as Biology elective credit only. To establish transfer credit for specific Biology courses above the 100 level, students should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Associate Head. Transfer students are reminded that at least 12 semester hours in the major must be completed at UNCG.


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