Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program

College of Arts and Sciences

329 Music Building




Committee Members

Aaron S. Allen, Director and Honors Program Liaison

Bruce Banks, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Erick Byrd, Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality & Tourism Management

Stephen Holland, Department of Economics

Karen Kilcup, Department of English

Bruce Kirchoff, Department of Biology

Jay Lennartson, Department of Geography

David McDuffie, Department of Religious Studies

Greg O’Brien, Department of History

Mark Schulz, Department of Public Health Education

Linda Stine, Department of Anthropology


Environmental and Sustainability Studies is an interdisciplinary program that fosters understanding of the relationships between human societies and the natural physical and biological setting in which life on Earth exists. The Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program is designed to provide students with a broad exposure to topics related to the environment and sustainability and to provide knowledge and skills to address major environmental and sustainability issues. Students interested in completing the program should work closely with their advisors to ensure that they meet prerequisites for upper division courses.


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