Department of Human Development and Family Studies

School of Health and Human Sciences

248 Stone Building




Mark Fine, Professor and Chair of Department

Professors Anastopoulos, Buehler, Calkins, Demo, Fletcher, Leerkes, Perlman, Scott-Little, Tudge

Associate Professors Bulls, Coard, Crosby, Helms, Hestenes, Hunter, LaParo, Mills-Koonce, Mims, Morgan, Shreeniwas, Supple

Assistant Professors, Aldridge, Bailey, Boit

Lecturer Smith


The Department of Human Development and Family Studies offers an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies. The programs include the study of the development of individuals and families throughout the life span, seeking to improve their well-being through the creation, use, and dissemination of knowledge. Programs of study in the department are multidisciplinary, requiring a synthesis of knowledge from the social and behavioral sciences and from the field of education. The goal of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies is to provide the best opportunity in North Carolina for undergraduates to prepare for careers in child, adolescent, adult, and family care services; in the care and education of children with/without disabilities from birth to kindergarten; teaching at the preschool level; and in cooperative extension and state agencies.

The Human Development and Family Studies major offers students the choice of three concentrations. The Early Care and Education concentration prepares students for careers in child care centers and agencies, private kindergartens, and hospital child care. Teacher licensure in Birth through Kindergarten education prepares students to teach in North Carolina public preschools and kindergartens. The Birth–Kindergarten and Early Care and Education concentrations are also available as online programs for students transferring in with an A.A.S. degree in early childhood from a N.C. Community College. The Child, Youth, and Family Development concentration prepares students for careers in family, governmental, and community service agencies that serve children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, and their families.

The internship program within the department provides students with opportunities for professional experiences in the career field of their choice. The department also administers the Child Care Education Program at three sites with an enrollment of 80 children in all-day care. All serve as laboratories for the study of children and their families.


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